Monday, November 21, 2016

REVIEW: The Highland Curse by Shelby White

The Highland Curse
Paranormal Adventure #2
Shelby White
Release day is December 9, 2016!!

It all started one late night with a Ouija board from a second-hand store.

Now four weeks have passed since the séance Lady Sky and the four friends conducted ridding Jeremy, the malevolent spirit who had been brought back, from this world and the murders he had committed, troubling the town of Arlington Heights.

After a concerning passage in a book Lady Sky had given them Alycia read on casting out spirits and a news story on a murder where a Ouija board was left behind, concerns mount. They quickly realize Jeremy isn’t gone after all, and this time he may have more up his sleeve then they bargained for.

Joining forces again with Lady Sky, they will do what it takes to send Jeremy back to where he came from once and for all and break the Highland Curse.

WOW....This book was amazing. I was completely consumed by this book. The characters are still as awesome and memorable as they were in the first book, but with a new paranormal being to chase.The story-line kept me entertained from beginning to end. The things these characters went through was shocking, yet remarkable. This is a great clean cut middle grade read that can be enjoyed by all ages. The cover of the book depicts well with what the book is about. I fell in love with this cover when I first saw it.

I am very anxious to see what these characters have to go through next and what adventures this author will be taking us on. 

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