Wednesday, May 11, 2016

REVIEW: Stolen by Melissa De La Cruz

Heart of Dread 2
Melissa De La Cruz

Wow, I am speechless......
This book was amazing on so many different levels. The action, suspense, love, loss, and the exciting and shocking turn of events made this book extremely addicting from beginning to end. This is a royal page turner. I loved book one but this book is even better and just blew me away. I loved the adventures between Nat and Wes and how it lead them back together again. I was not expecting the ending to this book at all either. Getting to learn more about the characters was absolutely phenomenal and how the story-line came about was just a remarkable. I found it extremely hard to put this book down because every page that I turned spoke to me and kept me wanting to read more. I am extremely excited to read the next book to this series and see where the next adventure will take me. I borrowed this book from my local library and I highly recommend all ages do the same.

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