Tuesday, February 9, 2016


#HACKER, book 3
Sherry Ficklin

Reeling from the death of her father, Farris is on the verge of losing everything. When an unexpected offer lands her a summer internship inside a secret government think tank filled with hackers, she leaps at the opportunity to get some answers. Someone has done the unthinkable, penetrating a hack-proof system and stealing vital military intel--which may have lead to her father's death.

Finding those responsible will mean teaming up with old enemies, trusting strangers with secrets of their own, and sacrificing what little happiness she's managed to cling to, all in the name of revenge. But when the trail leads her deep into the dark web and a hacker capable of launching an attack on US soil, Farris and her team will have to go further than they thought possible to bring him to justice and avoid all out war.

Digital Horizon (#HACKER book 3)

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

As everybody has learned by now, I am a true YA Paranormal fan, but from time to time, you can find me venturing out of my comfort zone and diving into other genres…….

Well, I have once again devoured another phenomenal read by this amazing author. It took me six hours straight, non stop reading, but it has taken me twenty-four hours to gather my thoughts to write this review. I needed time to wrap my brain around the turn of events that happened in this story. Now, I still don’t have my brain wrapped completely around it, but I am ready to share my opinion on this book.

This book starts off where the ending of book two left us, full of raw emotions and completely in shock. I love how the author started off this book. I was hooked, of course, from the very first sentence. This book is full of raw emotions, and yet the main character just keeps chugging through and keeping it together.

Farris is a strong willed girl, who is smart and sassy, but also quite broken. I actually could feel the feelings of this character pour off the pages and into my mind. I felt as if I was actually the character and not a shadow of the character. This is a very lovable character and no matter what this author did to this character, she stayed strong and made sure her feelings never slipped, and above all, she tried to keep people safe. It’s a lot of the shoulders of a seventeen year old with an old soul.

The story line
The author was spot on with the title for this book. It’s all about the Digital Horizon and how it all works. The author really did her homework while writing this story and I give her a standing ovation for her hard work in bringing this story to life. Of course, we are left with another cliffhanger and I am sure the next book will be just as thrilling as this one was. We met new characters and old in this story, which made this story extremely interesting to read. I really haven’t known of this author for very long, but she is very good at twisting a story and keeping you on the edge of your seat throughout the whole thing. I am very anxious to read more from this author in the months to come. This author has shown all her blood, sweat, and tears in this book and has opened us up to a whole new world, that we behind the scenes, didn’t know really existed. I highly recommend you read this series and get ready to have your mind blown!! I have never in my whole life read anything so mind blowing, spine tingling, edge of your seat writing like this before!!

I give this book my five book review, though this book does deserve more than that!! My proverbial hat goes off to the and this remarkably well written story!!

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