Wednesday, March 9, 2016

COVER REVEAL: THE UNDOER by Author Melissa J Cunningham

The Ransomed Souls Series


We are proud to present the official cover reveal and pre-order information for the third book in The Ransomed Souls Series by Melissa J. Cunningham. THE UNDOER is scheduled to hit shelves on May 10, 2016. Readers can pre-order their discounted copy today. If you haven't started this amazing young adult paranormal romance series, make sure to check out RELUCTANT GUARDIAN for FREE today! Fans of Cassandra Clare's LADY MIDNIGHT will love this series.


The Undoer Cover

5/10/16 (Read the full synopsis here.)

Does good always triumph over evil?

Wow, what an amazing story about Demons, Angels, Heaven, Hell, Earth, mortals, immortals, love, loss, hate, sadness, and sorrow. Every emotion you have ever had runs through the veins on this story and captured my heart and soul as I read through it. It was a wicked roller coaster ride that I was thrilled to have a had the opportunity to endure and one I won’t forget either.

The characters in the story are phenomenal and I love how this author brought real life into each fictional character. My favorite character, of course, was Dean. I loved him spunk and his will to live, plus I loved every twist and turn that this author took to make this character come to life and made me crave to know more about him and his “gift”.

I loved the love/hate relationship between Jag and Heidi and their tragic ending in which just tore my heart apart.

The Cazadors together made one heck of a remarkable team and I loved how, no matter what, they had each others backs.

This is an amazing story with an unforgettable plot and unique bunch of characters, and I highly recommend this magical and mystical story to all to enjoy for years to come. I give this awesome story a five star review.



Guarding Brecken Shaefer—a dark and dangerous rebel—is harder than it looks. Death was nothing like sixteen-year-old Alisa Callahan thought it would be. Resting on pink, fluffy clouds for eternity with her gram and best friend sounded like a dream come true. After all, enduring one torturous experience after another in her short life deserved some kind of reward, right? Unfortunately, eternal rewards aren't given out so freely when you take your own life. Required to pay the debt for her actions, Alisa must become a guardian. It sounds easy enough, but not when the boy she is forced to protect has a dangerous secret and wants absolutely nothing to do with her. Brecken Shaefer isn't any normal teenager. He has special gifts that are sure to make Alisa's afterlife miserable. When feelings develop between them, everything spins out of control. Not only must Alisa face her own demons— but to protect Brecken, she must face an evil so heinous that it threatens to destroy their souls completely. Alisa is tired of hiding from her past. When the easiest thing to do is run, can Brecken give her the strength to stay?


Do you believe in life after death? Guardian Angels? How about love at first sight? Read this story and you will for sure become a believer.

I absolutely loved this story, but first, there were two reasons why I decided to read this story. Reason one, its FREE on Amazon and everybody loves FREE, right? Reason two, its a Clean Teen Publishing author and I love everything CTP.

There were so many surprises in this book, which made this book resistible and extremely amazing. I love how the author broke up each chapter and made it focus on one character at a time. Usually, I don't like that kind of setup, but with this story, it just fit. The characters were so lovable and the plot was very well written. I loved the love/hate relationship between Brecken and Alisa. These two characters make this book an awesomely heartwarming story and I wish that real life could be this way too. This story had so many ups and downs to it, but it still drew me in and kept me reading. This is an incredible debut story and I highly recommend it to all to read. This book gets my five book star review.



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