Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Rise of Xosha Scavenger Hunt

Rose opened her eyes and gasped as she saw Pyre lying motionless by the tunnel entrance. “Pyre!”
The fear of losing him took her over to him despite the unease the other creatures put in her heart. She let her form collapse in front of him. Her muzzle nudged his gently at first, though growing rougher with each expulsion of his name from her lips.
“Pyre! Wake up! We have to go before Fury or Damien find us, here! Please wake up!” Rose pleaded before looking to the Oceanus and wolves for help.
They all hung their heads and looked away. Oceanus was the only one to speak. “He was poisoned Rose. If he’s gone it’s for the best. He could barely stand when we got here.”
Rose rounded on her Oni and growled. “This is not our way, Oceanus! We are not wolves! We do not leave our kin behind when they are hurt!”
If the wolves took offense to Rose’s outburst, they showed no sign of it. Reaper knew better than anyone how much it hurt to leave someone behind, even if he had had to do it on more than one occasion.
“We have to go, Rose.” Oceanus said softly resting a paw on her back.
Rose hissed and using her tail lashed out batting his paw away. “I will not leave him while he breathes!”
Tears began to slide down her scaled face. “It’s  my fault he’s hurt. It’s all my fault.”
Rose it’s no one’s fault. He pretty much sacrificed himself so the rest of us could find and rescue you. He didn’t think the poison could penetrate the scales. Reaper said softly.
Rose laid her head on Pyre’s back and wept. So lost in her grief was she, that she did not even take any notice when her body began to glow in a soft white light. She had found the spot lacking scales, it was a putrid, festered mess of infection. She let her forked tongue caress the wound, giving him a kiss, before resting her head on him again. 


  1. thank you for hosting the hunt xxx

  2. Thank you for hosting the hunt

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  5. thanks for hosting the dragon hunt!