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BLOG TOUR: Witch Hunt by Kasi Blake

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Witch Hunt
The Witch Game Novels, Book Two
Kasi Blake
Published:  October 6th, 2015
Publisher:  Clean Teen Publishing
Genre:  YA Paranormal Romance

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A magical game of hide-and-seek begins. Find the missing player and win. The game resets. They all forget and start the game again. Seventeen-year-old Starr Hughes hasn’t believed in magic since the day her mother died. As an aspiring reporter, the only thing she cares about is cold, hard facts. So when she hears the popular kids at school (the It-Squad) are about to start a secret game, she wants every detail, especially since she has a major crush on gorgeous Dylan Winchester. Hiding under the headmaster’s desk, planting bugs, and breaking into a classmate’s home are all on her to-do list. With her boy-crazy best friend Lily at her side, Starr discovers that witches are not only real, but they also need her help. Someone is using the game to steal their memories, their powers, and perhaps even their lives.

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Lily rolled him onto his back while Starr gaped at Dylan in fascination. How had she known he was in trouble? Were they connected, destined to be together?
“I think he’s dead,” Lily said.
Starr shook her head vehemently. “He is not dead.”
“He isn’t breathing.”
With trembling hands covered in sand, Starr grasped his face. It was hard to remain calm. Those CPR classes she’d taken seemed eons from this moment. Her mind shut down. Reflex took over. She opened his mouth and placed her own on top. Two breaths. She watched his chest move up and down. It seemed to be working. Now what?
Before she could do anything else, he choked and sputtered. Water gushed out of his mouth like lava from a volcano. He turned on his side and vomited some water onto the sand. Starr rubbed his back and told him it would be okay. He just needed to take it easy for a few minutes.
Groaning, Dylan returned to his back. He looked up at her through slits, only half-focused, obviously out of it. A slow grin spread across his face, and he reached up with one hand, brushing the ends of her wet hair. “Starr-bear.”
Starr froze.
His eyes drifted closed. She bent over him, wondering if this was it, the moment they would get together. He might wake up and tell her he wanted to be with her. He might open his eyes, pull her down, and kiss her like in that old movie her father insisted on watching every year, the one where the couple rolled around on the beach, locking lips as waves washed over them. Her own lips still tingled, a side-effect of touching his mouth with her own.
Sea gulls continued to cry in the distance. Grains of sand were everywhere, on her skin, inside her clothes, in places she didn’t want to even think about. Ignoring the discomfort, she leaned close and whispered, “What did you call me?”
Eyes popping open wide, he bolted upright, almost slamming his head into hers. The sleepy grin died a quick death. He jumped to his feet, hands up like he was preparing to fight them off, and shouted, “Get away from me! Stay back. I mean it.”

Tell us about a favorite character from a book.
I love Jace Wayland from the Mortal Instrument Series. He’s arrogant, sarcastic, brave, and reckless. When he falls in love with Clary, he acts like an idiot over her. Readers can see he’s hurting, and we know he uses his bad attitude to cover his pain. And he has some of the best lines ever!

Tell us about your next release.

Mortals Rule is the final book in my Rule Series and will be released on Halloween. It wraps up Jack and Silver’s story. In Vampires Rule, Jack starts off as a vampire, but he’s unhappy with his circumstances. Every year he returns to his childhood home and takes a walk through it for nostalgic reasons. So, when Jack becomes mortal again after a freak event, he thinks he’s getting a second chance to live a normal life. Unfortunately, his English teacher is a werewolf, his new girlfriend is THE werewolf hunter, and his brother can’t decide if he should welcome Jack home or stake him to be on the safe side. How long will Jack remain mortal? He starts to worry when his vampire powers begin to return one at a time. Then, he finds out it’s his destiny to fight the head werewolf. There’s no way out. It’s him or the werewolf.

Vampires Rule is free to anyone who wants to download it from Amazon, B&N, etc.

What is the hardest part of writing your books?

The time it takes. I believe a story can only be told when it’s ready to be told. There are times when I come up with an idea, but I can’t write it. I can’t make it work. So, I let it sit for months or years. Then, one day, it clicks and I’m able to write. I agree with Stephen King when he says it’s like the stories are already out there, and we are archaeologists trying to uncover them. It can’t be rushed. We have to slowly brush the dirt off, careful not to destroy the valuable piece.

Do you have critique partners or beta readers?

I use a lot of beta readers. Most of them are fans of the books that have contacted me. They are the people I’m writing for, so I love to hear what they think. Mortals Rule, for example, had a lot of beta readers. One of them is great at pointing out when the characters don’t sound like they should. Another reader is good at finding continuity errors. Don’t know what I’d do without them.

What was one of the most surprising things you learned while writing this book?

Every book I write finds ways to surprise me. For Witch Hunt, it was who knew what when. There is a mystery here. The game that these teen witches play erases memories. That opened up a whole world of possibilities. 

How do you develop your plots and your characters?

I get to know my characters through sketches, bios, and interviews. For the plot, I write down scenes on index cards and put them in order. Then, I add more scenes. I play with the order, mixing them up until they make the most sense.

What is something people would be surprised to know about you?

I have vertigo. It started when I was in the seventh grade, and I was standing on a chair in class near the windows because we were twisting and braiding thick yarn. I glanced out the window and felt I was going to fall. I got dizzy. From that moment on I couldn’t stand heights.

Thank you, Kasi, for stopping by and letting us get to know you, it has been fun!!

About the Author
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If you ask Kasi Blake how old she was when she started writing, she will probably say twelve. That’s when she wrote her first short story. But it started long before then. Her first characters were invisible friends she played with as a child. In the third grade she wrote a one-page story about a mummy for an assignment, and the teacher read it to the class. Even though she was embarrassed, the other kids laughed in all the right places, and she realized she could affect other people through her writing. She loves to get lost in emotional stories, crying and laughing with the characters, so she thinks it’s the most amazing thing in the world to be able to do this for other people.

Kasi is a hardcore Supernatural fanatic and practically has the shows memorized line for line. If you want to see her freak out, tell her you’ve never watched an episode. Then be prepared to listen to a long list of reasons why you should. In her spare time, when she’s not reading or writing, she does nail art, engages in day-long shopping trips with friends, and takes care of her many animals.

Originally from California, she resides in the Midwest on a farm with cows, chickens, ducks, a dog, and two cats.

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